Raclette Box - Cheese & Charcuterie

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Guest Number 1 person

Melted on top of potatoes with delicious charcuterie and cornichons, Raclette cheese is a favourite winter treat to share with family and friends. 

Our French Raclette cheese will be cut to order with all accompaniments, packed in a catering tray. 

For each person, we allow 200gr of sliced raclette and 200gr of charcuterie, which includes: Free-range Ham, Proscuitto, Saucisson, Spiced salami, Pork Rillette, Bresaola, Cornichon...

Rent the machine for Free

Depending on the guest number, we will lend you the raclette machine size accordingly.  A deposit of $30 will be added to your order and will be refunded upon the return of the machine. 

Please select the pick-up day at the checkout. We kindly ask you to keep the machine for no more than 3 days.